How we started


SafeCharge was started in 2019 by Carpenter, Jim Marshall. Jim had experienced his own equipment being stolen on-site, whilst he worked, and he knew the problem was widespread across many work sites.

"On several occasions over the years, I have had expensive cordless tool batteries and chargers stolen, whilst left unprotected in communal areas to charge up on site. This is a common problem amongst tradespeople from different industries. A battery alone can cost upwards of £100.

I decided to do something about it so I came up with the idea of SafeCharge; a lockable strong-box which allows charging through restricted access holes and can, most importantly, be fixed to a floor, wall or chained to a fixed post.

This system will help prevent on-site theft of work equipment and give tradespeople like me added peace of mind whilst working"

Jim Marshall, Director of SafeCharge

Key in lock
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Why SafeCharge?


The SafeCharge strong-box is a unique and cost effective method of deterring potential thieves. It is constructed from highly durable steel with a powder-coated finish for aesthetics and corrosion resistance.

The system can be screwed into most surfaces to anchor it to a fixed point. Alternatively, it can be secured to a post using a loop chain/padlock combination. For added security, a combination of both fixing methods can be used.

In-case of forced entry, the bright colour scheme attracts attention to anyone carrying the box off-site.